(Unless otherwise required by regulation or law)


AuroMedics Pharma LLC requires that all returns be authorized and accompanied by a completed Return Authorization Request (RA).  All returns are subject to prior AuroMedics Pharma LLC approval. AuroMedics Pharma LLC will only accept returns from customers who have purchased products directly from AuroMedics Pharma LLC. Authorized returns include only labeler code 55150.


  • Products with less than 3 months remaining shelf life.
  • Products that are not more than 12 months past expiration date.
  • Concealed damage claims made within 10 days of receipt.
  • Products received in error or damaged in shipping (accompanied by signed bill of lading noting damage) if reported to Customer Service within 96 hours of receipt and returned with 30 days.


  • Products returned without approved authorization.
  • Products stickered, marked, coded, dated, damaged, soiled or adulterated in any way.
  • Products sold on a non-return basis.
  • Products provided free of charge as a promotional incentive.
  • Private Label products.
  • Products damaged or deteriorated due to conditions beyond manufacturer control, such as improper storage or handling (heat, stored under improper conditions or exposed to fire, smoke or water).
  • Product not in sealed original container or partial bottles.
  • Products which are more than 12 months past the expiration date.
  • Products that have been discontinued more than one year.
  • Product involved in distressed, sacrifice, fire or bankruptcy sale.
  • Returns which exceed 60 days from date of Return Authorization.
  • Products received with concealed damages not reported within 45 days.


All third party processors must comply with all requirements of the AuroMedics Pharma LLC return goods policy. Third party processors must provide proof of destruction for short dated and out of date product. All products with greater than 12 month dating must be returned to AuroMedics Pharma LLC. AuroMedics Pharma LLC does not accept returns from third party return processors for customers other than wholesalers or warehousing chains. Any returns for non-authorized customers sent to third party return processors will be refused and returned to the customer.  AuroMedics Pharma LLC will not process returns using pricing from the third party internally generated price list. AuroMedics Pharma LLC will not reimburse any service fees to the customer or processing agent for the miscellaneous fees (i.e. handling, processing fees) or freight charges incurred. It is the customer’s responsibility to insure that third party return processors comply with the AuroMedics Pharma LLC return policy. Third party returns must be in agreement with RA and packaged with reasonable product care.


Step 1:  Requesting a Return

a)  Direct purchasing customers must contact an AuroMedics Pharma LLC Customer Service Representative who will provide a Return Authorization Request with instructions for return.  This authorization Form (which lists product name, NDC#, expiration date, price and quantity of each item being returned) will also serve as your packing slip.  Any product return that is not detailed on the completed Return Authorization Form will not receive credit, will not be accepted for return, and will be destroyed by AuroMedics Pharma LLC or returned to the customer at customer expense.

b) Once the Return Authorization Number is issued, clearly label each carton with the Return Authorization Number and Debit Memo Number.  This will ensure that proper credit is received.

Step 2:  Returning Merchandise

Ship merchandise fully insured and freight pre-paid to the following address:

AuroMedics Pharma LLC
Attn:  Customer Service / Returns
6 Wheeling Road
Dayton, NJ  08810


Transportation and insurance charges on all returned merchandise are the responsibility of the customer except when due to AuroMedics Pharma LLC error, as determined by AuroMedics Pharma LLC.

Merchandise cannot be sent via US mail.  It must be traceable in the event a package is lost in transit.


  • Credits will be issued based upon the lowest invoice price over the last 24 months or the current selling price whichever is lower.
  • All returns will be in the form of an account credit memo, no cash returns.
  • The shipping carton must show the Return Authorization Number or a UPS call tag; and be marked “Returns”.
  • AuroMedics Pharma LLC representatives are prohibited from picking up or transporting products for return.
  • AuroMedics Pharma LLC reserves the right to destroy, without recourse, all unauthorized merchandise returned.
  • AuroMedics Pharma LLC will deduct the value of the return from the sales volume subject to volume rebate.
  • No deductions from any invoice can be made.  Credit memos will be issued.
  • No shelf-stock adjustment will be given for returned goods unless they are in-transit at the date of the shelf-stock adjustment.
  • Credit will not be issued for merchandise that has been destroyed by customer except for controlled substances provided customer submits Form 41 and complies with all terms of this policy.


Customer Service: 1-888-238-7880
Fax: 1-732-355-9449