(Unless otherwise required by regulation or law)

Chargeback Claim Submissions

  • All chargeback debit memo claims must be submitted to AuroMedics no later than 90 days after the date of distributor’s invoice to the end customer. Any chargebacks received after this time will be denied or rejected. Distributor may only submit chargebacks greater than 90 days beyond invoice date with prior approval or if the submissions are a result of a government audit.
  • If possible, chargeback debit memo claims should be submitted via EDI 844 transaction.
  • If EDI 844 submission is not possible, chargebacks claims may be sent via e-mail to The following information must be provided:
    • Distributor DEA or HIN number
    • Debit Memo number
    • End Customer DEA or HIN number
    • End Customer name and full address details
    • Product NDC in 1-digit format
    • Invoice date
    • Invoice number
    • Quantity sold
    • WAC or distributor purchase price
    • Contract number
    • Contract price
    • Extended chargeback claim amount

Chargeback Resubmissions

All chargeback resubmissions must be submitted to AuroMedics within 120 days of the date of distributor’s invoice to the end customer.

Chargeback resubmissions should be sent via e-mail to

Customer Eligibility

AuroMedics will deny chargeback claims for sales to entities that are not members of the designated purchasing group or contract at the time of sale as reflected in AuroMedics’ records.

Contract Notification

Distributor will be notified by AuroMedics via EDI 845 transaction set or via e-mail of awarded contract prices. AuroMedics will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide distributor with 10 business days lead time of any contract notification or changes.

Chargeback Claim Processing

AuroMedics will process all chargeback claims within 10 business days and notify distributor of the chargeback claim calculation via EDI 849 transaction set.

Customer Credit and Re-bills

Distributor will be responsible for credit and re-bill corrections to the end customer for any discrepancies. These credit and re-bills must be submitted to AuroMedics within 120 days of the original invoice date.

Chargeback Claim Reconciliation

Distributor will be notified via EDI 849 transaction set within 10 days of any chargeback claim discrepancies after original claim was submitted. Error codes will be in accordance with HDMA regulations.

Customer Product Returns

For product returns, distributor should submit a reverse chargeback claim referencing the original invoice number and original invoice date.

Own Use

Distributor represents and warrants that all covered products purchased by end customers are exclusively for the own use of such customer.

This policy is subject to change by AuroMedics Pharma LLC at any time without notice.

If you have any questions regarding this chargeback policy, please contact Julie Faria at (732) 823-4150 or